Uber for Trucking

"Platforms are eating the world," says Sangeet Choudary of Platform Thinking.

From vacation homes and movie rentals to personal assistants and music, consumers can now enjoy all their favorite things without owning any of them (or being liable for where they came from).

This is all part of the 21st Century’s “Sharing Economy,” and the team at Keychain is a proponent of the movement.

As we connect truckers directly with shippers — letting truckers focus on driving and shippers focus on selling products — we can’t help but make the connection that Keychain Logistics is the ‘Uber for Trucking.’

Carriers shouldn’t have to worry about finding loads simply because they’re away from home, and making phone calls to brokers while stranded in the middle of the country isn’t a good use of their time. Keychain helps truckers find their next load before they need it, fulfilling our promise to never drive empty again

Likewise, tangible product companies shouldn’t worry about timely shipments to important retail partners simply because demand has increased. These are good problems to have, and herein lies Keychain’s commitment to shippers — we help improve your bottom line.

If you’re a trucker looking for loads, tired of expensive brokerages taking up to 20% of your lane rate, Keychain is the answer.

If you’re a small (or large) business that ships products and you’re tired of bad customer service from brokerages, Keychain is the answer

Platforms are eating the world, so if you’re looking for the future of shipping, you’ve already found it.

Welcome to Keychain Logistics.

Time for Accountability

Lately at Keychain HQ, we’ve been talking with carriers from across the country so we can better deliver value with our products. A theme that continues to surface is one of accountability. Drivers have one valuable commodity that determines their success: time.

Time gets wasted waiting to deliver loads, traveling with spare capacity, or worse, traveling empty. Often, a driver’s success is tied to how many calls get returned, how accurate the time blocks are for delivering a load, or other internal processes that most brokers use. At the risk of sounding cliché, time is money.

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Customer Service as a Solution

The last time you had an important issue or question for your logistics provider, how would you describe your customer service experience? Long wait times? Unending call transfers? If this sounds familiar then you’ll agree with us when we say that customer service in logistics is inefficient.

At Keychain, our goal on the customer service team is to bridge technology with human presence by combining our mobile and web-based applications with dedicated industry specialists. We remove the obstacles you might find at a brokerage to create a delightful and efficient customer service experience for all sides involved in shipping freight from point A to B.

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Brokering: Not Business as Usual

Keychain wants to be your premier source of loads.

In building technology products for carriers, the backbone of our country, the Keychain team constantly listens to your feedback. We set out to build a tool to find loads all throughout the United States - and we delivered. Open our app and you will find 35,000 loads on it every day.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce that we have launched a service for which you have asked - still for free - in select cities (among the states listed below).

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Make The Most Out Of Mandatory Rest Breaks

As noted in our previous post, the new Hours of Service regulations for commercial carriers are now a month underway. Regardless of whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re designed to reduce fatigue and in turn increase safety for everyone on the road.

Because a rule revision requires drivers to take a 30 minute break after driving for 8 hours, we’re going to provide some tips on maximizing that downtime. By combining light exercise with a nutritious meal, you’ll not only improve your health but combat the FMCSA’s worst enemy: sleepiness.

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The Good, the Bad, and the Hourly

It is rare that change is unanimously accepted with open arms, and the soon-to-be-enforceable revisions regarding the hours of service for drivers are no exception. A major point of contention seems to be the manner in which drivers’ incomes will be affected, and judging by the varied speculation throughout the industry no one is certain what the results will be.

In an article by Overdrive Magazine, the issue is examined with testimonial and projections by actual drivers. Jeff Clark, an owner-operator running out of Wisconsin, thinks that maximizing productivity in terms of hours on the road is correlated to lowering per-mile rates, and posits that the “FMCSA might just be handing us a freight rate increase” when it comes to decreasing the amount of hours a driver can spend on the blacktop. The increase would theoretically result from a decrease in supply of trucks (hourly limits), causing rates to jump as the demand for said trucks grows.

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On Building The Future

Flashback to the spring of 2012 - the freight logistics space appeared to be stagnant as old, dinosauric companies and their outdated software roamed the earth, club-wielding brokers ran amok, and transactions were shrouded in a secrecy of darkness because fire had yet to be “invented”. It was in a word, archaic. Within this dimly lit world Keychain Logistics saw both the opportunity and the need for a logistical renaissance the likes of which hadn’t been seen since the concept of supply chain management arose in the 1980’s.

Hyperbole aside, it was readily apparent to those of us building Keychain Logistics that the possibility of drastically changing freight logistics for the better was staring us dead in the face. We pondered why a 3rd party intermediary should be able to not only gouge prices (effectively decreasing the the bottom line of both the shipper and carrier) but hide them in such a manner that leaves all other transacting parties wondering exactly how much money they could be saving or making.

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Why Keychain Logistics?

People lead double lives when it comes to technology, and for many of us the difference between our work and personal life is striking.

At home, we are the masters of our technology universe. We read books on a Kindle and watch movies on an iPad while our kids stream an endless supply of music through the devices of their choice. We tweet while standing in line at the grocery store as our kids watch YouTube clips on their phones. Our computers are the tools of choice for communicating with friends and family, collecting photos, uploading videos, playing games, and saying hello to grandma online.

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